Our Projects

Children through out the Middle East and North Africa face the challenges of financial hardship in a resource poor environment. Survival, let alone education, depends largely on their physical integrity. Many children, born with a deformity to legs or arms cannot find the resources to free them from their physical restriction and pursue a childhood everyone deserves. Children in war ridden countries face significant limitations when affected by such deformities. The resources for extensive limb reconstruction are unavailable and often unaffordable to the families involved.


Although complex in nature many deformities can be corrected or improved allowing a child to pursue his dreams. For some this might be the ability to look after the families. For others it could give a child the chance to go to school and obtain higher education. This way, children will learn how to be children again, how to dream for a better future with a real chance of making these dreams come true.


The Little Wings Foundation goal is to help these children in their daily struggle and give them the tools they need to succeed in life. We believe that every child, independent of race, religion or gender should have the same opportunity in life. The Little Wings Foundation supports children that miss this chance due to a physical disability by facilitating the required treatment.