Treatment of Individual Children

Seeing one-and-a-half-year-old Alaa Awad lying in her hospital bed, her lower body swathed in a cast, you'd expect to see worry and fear on her family's faces. But peer into the little girl's eyes and those of her grandmother Elham Mohammad Awad and you'll glimpse hope, happiness and relief. That's because Alaa, although born with a condition called bilateral dislocation where both her hips were dislocated, will soon be able to walk thanks to life-changing surgery carried out by The Little Wings Foundation.


Left untreated, Alaa would have had to limp through life with a twisted pelvis unable to skip or dance or play like other children. As an adult the condition would have prevented her from having children. But thanks to the charity she can now look forward to a normal life.


Alaa is just one of the 90 children the foundation has operated on from across the world over the past five years. Apart from arranging and conducting extremely expensive and intensive operations free of charge, the foundation has helped thousands of children get a better life through prompt and timely medical intervention to tackle serious health conditions.