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For over ten years The Little Wings Foundation has led the way in providing quality orthopaedic care for children in challenging humanitarian situation in the Middle East.

Regular missions throughout the year have meant changing the lives of many children who may otherwise be unable to access the critical care they need to live a fully functional life. This could mean being able to walk to school or simply brushing their own hair.  Providing children with the means to develop physically alongside their peers, enables a much brighter future both socially and economically.

By mobilizing a specialist, volunteer based, team of surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists, we embark on missions of between 4 and 10 days, where we clinically assess and treat as many children as possible.  From coordination to post operative care and follow up, The Little Wings Foundation is fully committed to each child.


Understanding where intervention is needed most, The Little Wings Foundation have played a key role in developing the standards of orthopaedic surgical procedures, whilst advocating the importance of education to enable a sustainable future for local medical staff and their patients alike.

The Little Wings Foundation encourages active learning by engaging and maintaining close relationships with local medical staff in the surgical and clinical environment.  We believe that by learning from one another we can become better at providing the care that is needed in each setting and sharing valuable knowledge that can improve the success rate of surgical procedures and long term care.

What we do

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